Edmund Phillip Stafford was born 03 Sep 1895 to Margaretha Schade and Wilhelm Manz.

Though he went by the name of Edmund Phillip, he was baptized as Philip Edmunn at St. Peter’s

Lutheran Church in Milverton. When his mother married William Strickert in 1897,

Edmund became Ted Strickert and that name was used in census, church and school

records until he was in his late teens or early twenties. He left Ontario

and settled in Manitoba where he became known as Edmund Phillip Stafford.

There he met and married Elsie Clara Gates. They moved west to Alberta where

he became known as Ed or EP Stafford. The man of many names was also a man of

many trades.   His daughter Viola writes in the town book ‘Where the Lobstick River

Flows’ “During the fifty-two years Dad lived in Wildwood he turned his hand to many things. He owned

and operated four planner mills. He also owned two steam operated threshing machines, a flour mill, a

chopping mill with a blacksmith shop in one end, a shingle mill. He sold insurance, tombstones, had a

merry-go-round, sold Amway products, he also cut hair, cooked in camps, was the town policeman for a

time and auctioneer. He did undertaking work and worked in later life for Park Memorial Funeral Services

until a few months before he passed away in September 1978.” He was a very capable man and tried his hand at

whatever he needed to do to care for his family. He had a great sense of humour and loved to visit.