Wales Family Newsletter

begun in 2009 for and about the descendents of Frederick Wales and Laura Shoals

to date: 6 published issues

Contributions to future issues are encouraged

1st issue  -  the beginning - Family group sheets

2nd - Genora Wales Morefield - Christmas Stories - Frederick's Death Registration
3th - California trip to meet relatives - Edgar Wales featured - Story of Merton Walter Wales - Elkhorn baseball team 1903 - Frederick & family on 1860 census
4th - picture of Edgar Wales - Adaresta Wales featured - pictures of Christmases past

Newsletters contain family stories - documents - current family happenings - reunion information - pictures

Features: Bragging rights - Strangers in a Box - Looking back - Looking forward - Lost & Added - Grandma's Gallery

If you are connected to this family and would like to receive the newsletters - contact me and I will put you on the mailing list.

5th - trip to New York State to meet cousins - Eli Wales featured
6th - Dec 2011 - Alice Wales featured - three weddings - Nathan Wales fram picture
7th - Scheduled for June 2012


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